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Cover of Arrows of LightArrows of Light presents a multitude of challenging international issues and problems and suggests Christian solutions for those situations. This website is unique in that it aims to help people discover new ideas for their own encouragement and spiritual growth by looking at life in other countries. Through the website, we want to encourage the development of on-line discussion forums where people can meet on-line and talk about their own lives here and now as compared to Christian living in other countries of the world.

Why was the book written and what is the aim of the Arrows?

The author shares this story:

“As a young man I had little interest in seeing the Christian Gospel at work in other countries. But the Lord had other plans for me—sending me to the Philippines, Mexico, and South Africa, and, after retirement, into Kazakhstan and Kenya. What a joy it turned out to be--seeing the crucified and risen Christ give life to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations all over the globe! As a missionary I was part of that process, but not the lord of it. Through 33 years my wife and I experienced dozens of stories—some good, some bad, some truly ugly. I had to write a book about it, and Arrows is that book.”

Having accumulated such a wide range of stories from many different places, I searched for a unifying theme. What was the common thread? I finally saw it; it was God Himself. Only in reference to Him and His word did the good, the bad, and the ugly find their proper places. So the writing became a book of Christian devotions, all leading, somehow, back to God through Jesus Christ.

The title “arrows of light” comes from the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, chapter 49, verses 1-6, especially verses 2 and 6. In those verses, the prophet points ahead in time to Jesus Christ, the Savior, picturing Him as God’s “arrow” (49:2), whom God will make into a “light” of salvation for all nations (“Gentiles”), to the ends of the earth (49:6).

During our years of missionary service, we made occasional journeys (“furloughs") back to the USA to visit with family and friends and to give reports to our supporting churches about our mission experiences. Many of the supporters were eager to hear the stories. But there was always a significant minority who seemed to listen for about 15 minutes and then tune out and return their thoughts to the more important things of life—such as football, food, sex, and politics, etc. They were not deeply interested in what was happening in other countries of the world (like me in my youth). Perhaps it seemed too foreign and strange and unrelated to real life here and now.

So my passionate aim for Arrows (pun intended) is to help more North American Christians see how the reach of God into the hearts and lives of people in other lands may give insight and encouragement to us in our lives here in this land.

Along the way toward that goal, the reader will encounter people who take the Good News of Jesus Christ to other countries; they are often called missionaries. Some people glorify them. Others criticize them strongly. Arrows of Light tries to tell the truth about them. So sometimes it is the failures and weaknesses of missionaries that teach the rest of us how to deal with our own faults and disasters here and now. That’s a fresh approach to life in the USA.

So the website will not be complete without you. We hope that you will read, enjoy, discuss, and respond. The author personally invites you to bring him into your conversation about Arrows, whether it be encouraging or critical, or whatever. Reach him via e-mail at djschnitz@juno.com.